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Compassion or Judgment

Grow, Go, Grab it: The Hard Work of Rest by Troy Brewer

Grow, Go and Grab It: The Provision is in the Go by Troy Brewer

Grow, Go, Grab It: The Great Escape by Troy Brewer

Grow, Go, Grab It: Born for Greatness byTroy Brewer

Prophetic Timelines of Israel | Ron Cantor

The Power of a Transformed Mind

Breakthrough Worship | Adriel Izaguirre

Leave it Behind

Leave it behind

The House of Prayer

The Voice of Women in the House

Mark Crawford | Prophetic Encounter

The Father's Heart is Outrageous

Our Intent for Every Service - Part 2

Our Intent for Every Service - Part 1

Come and See

New Era | Byron Easterling

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few

The Raven and the Rock, the Wolf and the Wine press

Grow, Go, Grab It: WATCH AND REMEMBER by Troy Brewer

Grow, Go, Grab It: The Power To Gain Wealth by Troy Brewer

Grow, Go, Grab It: A Big Picture Visionary by Troy Brewer

An Atmosphere Architect | Jerry Sellers

Grow, Go, Grab It: Get up and Go by Troy Brewer

Benefactors Arise | Patricia King

Finish the Fight | Adriel Izaguirre

No Pain No Gain


Lambs and Lions

A Father and his Kingdom | Dubb Alexander

Is it Night or Noonday

Dealing with strife and anger | Steven Gashumba

Faith that Works

The Point of the Blade of Offense

A Night of Healing and Encounters with Robert Henderson

Stable Is As Stable Does

Impact Discipling Nations

A Golden Year Part 2 - Overcoming Carnal Emotions

Repentance and Revival

The Wedding and the War 5 The Rewards of Crowns and Garments


The Wedding and the War 4- The Judgment Seat and the Importance of Eternal Reward

Wedding and the War Part 3- Looking for the Day

The Wedding and The War 2- Keep it positive but keep it accurate

Robert Henderson on the Courts Of Heaven

The Wedding and the War 1- I ain’t scared

Speed of Light 4 – FATHER OF LIGHTS

Caleb Byerly

Speed of Light 3 – Walk in the Light

Speed Of Light 2- It's Relative TO Relationship

Extreme Faith Part 4

Speed Of Light 1- Light Overcomes Darkness

Extreme Faith Part 3

Calendars Part 4- Drawing A Line On Time

Extreme Faith Part 2

Calendars Part 3- Signs of the Times

Extreme Faith Part 1

Calendars Part 2– A Word in Due Season

Calendars Part 1- Once Upon A Time