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In Tier 2 you can enjoy access to everything in Tier 1 PLUS exclusive worship and sermon cuts as well as Prophetic Life – a Prophetic Mentoring Community.

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6 thoughts on “Tier 2 – Yearly”

  1. Pastor Troy & Team,
    I’m so very happy to be part of this ministry and helping these slaved children and I’m extra grateful also for all the assistance you give to the developmentally challenged kids. May King Jesus keep blessing you all immensely!!!
    Blessings and Love in Christ,
    Malika 🙂

  2. Thank you to Pastor Troy Brewer, Mrs. Brewer, and the whole OpenDoor Church team for all that you do for the Kingdom of God!! For rescuing children from sex trafficking, for feeding and helping people in need and so much more. What a blessing this has been for me and my husband to see a ministry that truly exemplifies the “hands and feet” of Jesus. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a member of ODX.tv and excited to access the content.

    You all will be in my prayers as you continue to serve King Jesus!

    Brenda & Mike Ewing
    We hail from the “Old Dominion,” Virginia

  3. Michelle Figueroa

    I pray that this can help as many children and families as possible. May King Jesus keep blessing Pastor Troy and all his family. King Jesus is always looking out for his children God Bless you all. I live in columbia south carolina and would love to visit your church one day.

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