What numbers are you seeing? Join Troy Brewer as he dives deep into the Prophetic Meaning
behind specific numbers, and what it means for you.

Number 1 unity

Number 2 faithful witness and being set apart

Number 3-“perfect completion or fullness”

Number 4-“creation and the things that are made”

Number 5-“the grace of god”

Number 6-flesh of man

Number 7- "The spirit of God"

Number 8-new beginnings

Number 9-“fruit bearing or judgement''

Number 10-“perfect order''

Number 11-“valor or disorder”

Number 11-11-“call to faith”

Number 12-“perfect government”

Number 13-"Rebellion"

Number 14-“generational promises”

Number 15-rest

Number 16-“love of god”

Number 17-“overcoming victory”

Number 18-“bondage or life”

Number 19-“exploits of faith”

Number 20-“the power of expectancy”

Number 21-“manifest spirit”

Number 22-persona revelation

Number 23-death

Number 24-perfect government made manifest

Number 25-grace for grace

Number 26-king david

Number 27

Number 28-“times and seasons”

Number 29

Number 30

Number 31 & 731-“offspring”

Number 32

Number 33-“god keeping his promises”

Number 34-“time to overcome or god’s overcoming victory through his miracles”

Number 37 - Don't Worry, Be Happy

Number 38

Number 39

Number 40

Number 44

Number 45-“provision, protection, preservation”

Number 50 - “Jubilee”

Number 51&153-“progression, upgrade and restoration”

Number 52-“work of god”

Number 53-“dual nature of jesus”

Number 70-“kingdom of god”

Number 79-“gold”

Number 199-“righteousness or fear of the lord

Number 310-“crying out for deliverance and dependency on the lord”

Number 316-“complete love of god”

Number 111-total unity

Number 222-“signs, miracles and wonders”

Number 333- “Crying out to God for Learning”

Number 444-“complete creation, the world”

The Prophetic Voice of Knocking