ODX Moments

Back on Track | Troy Brewer

Troy Brewer - Covenant Mentality

Troy Brewer: What Time and Season are we in Right Now?

Troy Brewer - The Snake Story

The Power of Redemption | Troy Brewer

The Greatest Day | Troy Brewer

Discovering God's Voice | Troy Brewer

2021 Prophecy | Troy Brewer

2020 Prophecy | Troy Brewer

Born to Reign Summit with Troy Brewer

Hallway behind OpenDoor Church

Praying for Rain

ODX Weekend Recap

Troy Brewer: Stand Your Ground in the Face of Evil | 2 Kings 3:27 |

Live from Capitol Hill

Dreams and Visions in England

Lewis And Clark

Palo Alto

The Dock

Seattle Bridge EC

Portland River

Seattle Prayer Walk

EC Seattle Tree

Pastor Troy Brewer talks about the prophetic meaning of solar and lunar eclipses

Pastor Troy has recorded many moments during his treks across the world. We have compiled them here!
From numbers to history these are short moment videos for your busy day.