Dive deep into 31 days of Next Level Devotionals where we talk about Kingdom Realities in our everyday life.

It's time to take your faith to the Next Level, my friends.

Day 1_ A Just God

Day 2_ A New Revelation

Day 3_ A Prayer for Problems and Promises

Day 4_ An Ancient Wonder

Day 5_ Armor Up

Day 6_ Blame the Hypocrites

Day 7_ Change Is The Only Constant

Day 8_ Climb the Higher Rock

Day 9_ Covenant Mentality

Day 10_ Destiny Vs. History

Day 11_ Dragon Slayer

Day 12_ Eating Worms

Day 13_ From Here to Eternity

Day 14_ God is Good Looking

Day 15_ God Save the Queen Please

Day 16_ God's Frigidaire

Day 17_ Hot Heads and Bad Mouths

Day 18_ I'm Not A Financial Genius, But

Day 19_ Increase vs. Decrease

Day 20_ Intruder Alert

Day 21_ It's Best to be Blessed

Day 22_ Let's Get Small

Day 23_ Living a Rescued Life

Day 24_ Living in the Days of Miracles

Day 25_ Message in the Miracle

Day 26_ Moving Pictures

Day 27_ Promise Keepers Needed

Day 28_ Promises from the Wilderness

Day 29_ Seed, Time, and Harvest

Day 30_ Snowy Day Battles

Day 31_ Speaking the Right Words

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