Hosted by Pastor Troy Brewer,
This prophetic conference answers two questions every drop-dead, sold-out Jesus freak is asking:

What is the Lord speaking to me about my calling in this time and how can I access that?

What is being revealed to the prophets of this day about our nation and the world;
how can I align myself with the new thing He is doing?

The year 2020 packed a prophetic punch
and we can expect more shaking in the months and years to come,
but know this:

The sky isn’t falling.
The Kingdom is coming!

God doesn’t use prophecy to scare us, but to prepare us.

How is He preparing you, His Church and the nation for what’s to come?

The answers are astounding and uniquely personal.

Unlock the keys to your purpose and end time destiny with prophetic powerhouses:
-Jamie Galloway
-Patricia King
-Chuck Pierce
-Rabbi Jason Sobel

Night 1 Sessions

Night 2 Afternoon Sessions

Night 2 Evening Sessions

Night 2 Morning Sessions

Night 3 Message and Round Table

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